Community Book Bank

“Last week I was seeing a boy in our office for learning concerns, and he was holding tightly to two books, saying he had found his favorite one. He looked crestfallen when his grandmother told him the books had to stay on the shelf.

When I explained that he could actually take the books with him, he was overjoyed, and Grandma was too…She was excited that he would be able to face the challenge of reading with great enthusiasm.”

– Pediatrician at Charles Drew Community Health Center

Imagine you are seven years old and you go to the doctor with your mother and baby brother…

You notice a bookshelf in the waiting room with a sign that reads “Kids: FREE BOOKS!” You quickly find a book on soccer, your passion, and then you find a board book on puppies that your brother will love. By the time you are called for your appointment, your family is absorbed in reading together and laughing. As you leave, you select three more books to take home and keep for your very own. You go home with an armload of books and a LOT of excitement.

This is Book Harvest’s Community Book Bank.

The goal of our Community Book Bank is to provide ready access to books for children and families in communities which have historically lacked books for their children. We aspire to transform book deserts throughout our community into book-rich environments.

We stock bookshelves in places where children go. The children select books. They take them home to keep. Our volunteers replenish the shelves. This simple cycle is repeated weekly at more than 50 locations throughout the greater Triangle.

Every week, children harvest more than 2,000 books from Book Harvest’s Community Book Bank bookshelves.

Community Book Bank Partners include: