Books to Go

Books to Go for Tweens and Teens is Book Harvest’s newest core program, designed to be our main mechanism for reaching middle and high school students in the Triangle who need books.

Are you an educator or nonprofit partner who works with students from low-income families? If so, join us for our next Books to Go distribution on May 12, 2017! And if you’d like to be added to our mailing list to receive invitations to future distributions, send an email to Community Partnerships Manager Daniele Berman at

We hold Books to Go distributions three times a year, in late August, early December, and early May. These are scheduled to coincide with the times of greatest vulnerability for students who do not own books as well as the school calendar and expressed needs of teachers and nonprofit partners working with middle and high school students. As with all of our programs, books distributed through Books to Go are to be provided free of charge to students who need them, and students are to select their own books in order to build home libraries filled with books that excite them. Beyond those specifications, partners are encouraged to distribute the books to their students in whatever ways are best suited to their schools and organizations.

In its first annual cycle, August 2015 through May 2016, Books to Go served partners from 27 different schools and nonprofit organizations, providing 20,509 books to middle and high school students who need them.

Partners sign up for designated slots on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning to come to our office to select books. Each slot is 1.5 hours long, and we invite each partner to bring a helper to select and move books for their students. We do not set a limit on the number of books each partner can select but ask partners to bring their own boxes and bags to transport their books. Volunteers are on site to check partners in, help select and count books, assist with online First Book registration, and load books into vehicles.