Book Babies

“Book Babies is an excellent resource for getting a jumpstart on my daughter’s education. She loves to walk around the house with the books and bring me books to read to her. She’s already turning the pages and pointing at the pictures she likes the most.”

– Parent of an 18-month-old
in the Book Babies Class of 2018

Imagine you are the new mom of a beautiful baby girl…

You are intrigued when the Durham Connects visiting nurse asks if you want to learn more about Book Babies, a program to provide new books free of charge to families of newborns. You know that it is important to read to your child, but books are not affordable, and finding the time to go to the library is tough – so you eagerly agree to be contacted by the program.

Soon a Book Babies home visitor comes to your home with a bag brimming with 10 brand new books. By enrolling, you will receive a home visit and another batch of books every six months until your baby starts kindergarten. Already, you can tell that holding your daughter, showing her the pictures in the books, and describing them to her soothes her when she is fussy. Your special book time with your baby soon becomes a wonderful part of your daily routine.

mackenziedad0313croppedThis is Book Babies.

The goal of Book Babies is kindergarten-readiness. We give 10 new, age appropriate books to low-income children every six months from birth until they start kindergarten; these books are delivered via a home visit which also provides the parents with literacy tools and activities. By the time a child graduates from Book Babies and starts kindergarten, she will have a home library of 100+ books and her parents will have received 10 home visits.

With 80% of brain development occurring in the first three years, access to books starting at birth is essential to kindergarten-readiness and long-term school success.

In 2015, 160 newborns, babies, and toddlers will each receive two home visits and 20 new books. Each Book Babies family will continue to receive home visits and books until their child starts kindergarten.