Reading is Believing

By Hannah Marion, Intern, Summer 2014 Back in the day, when I was an eager little first grader, I picked countless picture books out of the black bins we had in our classroom. I remember yearning to be able to read those impressive chapter books, and trying determinedly to improve my reading abilities. Most of… Read more »

Thanks to a Fantastic Boss

By Alisa Burton, Intern, Summer 2014 My experience at Book Harvest has been wonderful! I learned about Book Harvest from my academic advisor at NCCU. He said he knew about a program where I could earn community service hours, help underprivileged children and be a part of a great organization. I applied for the internship,… Read more »

Frustration Becomes Realization: Getting a Little Girl Excited About Books

By Hannah Brennan, Intern, Summer 2013 A rush of children flowed into the library, tables stacked high with books in all shapes in colors. The kids were full of energy and practically bouncing off the walls as they grabbed their green backpacks and rushed towards the mountains of books. Some children immediately grab an armful… Read more »

The Memory of Books

By Joanne Vance, Development Committee How long does the memory of a good book last? Six months? A year? Three years? Five years? What book can you remember from your childhood? Was it one that you read yourself, maybe while on summer break, sitting in a chair on the back porch? Or as a teen… Read more »

A Teacher’s Perspective

By Kelly Gambridge, 5th Grade Teacher, Glenn Elementary School This was my first year experiencing The Book Harvest and the Books on Break program.  It is hard enough getting students to read, let alone finding them quality books on their reading level that they will enjoy.  Walking into our school library and seeing the hundreds… Read more »

Sharing the Love

By Brayton Maxson, Intern, Summer 2014 Being homeschooled growing up, I was exposed to the power of books early and often. I started and ended every day being read to by my parents and because of these many hours of reading I had a love for books instilled in me. To this day I will… Read more »

A Piece of the Magic

 By Kirsten Steele, Intern, Summer 2014 Clues. Dragons. Opportunity. Adventure. I have traveled to so many places, including but not limited to: China, Antarctica, World War II, Hogwarts, Pluto, Tenochtitlan. I have flown on magic carpets and breathed underwater. And it was possible in my mother’s lap, a chair, a car, a beach or anywhere… Read more »

“We Are Better Than This.”

Ginger Young, Book Harvest Founder and Executive Director   This piece aired as a commentary on WCHL 97.9 FM on April 10, 2014.  Click here  to  listen.   Ben is a third grade boy I know who comes from a home where money is tight and food is scarce.  He arrives at a classroom each day which… Read more »

Looking Forward

Ginger Young, Book Harvest Founder and Executive Director Three years ago this month, I visited a friend whose young son had no books at home.  That troubled me deeply — and it got me thinking.   What if I could share the bounty on my own family’s bookshelves with families whose kids did not have… Read more »

One Fish, Two Fish

Lena Harris, Summer 2013 Book Harvest intern As a child I LOVED to read.  My parents did a great job of encouraging a reading culture in our family.  My mom read so much to me when I was a baby that to this day if you ask her, she can quote “One Fish, Two Fish,”… Read more »