Books Truly do Make a Difference

  Amy Yao, Duke ’13, member of Duke Community Leadership Project team I’ve been luck growing up with teachers who’ve encouraged a love for reading since a young age. When I first came to the States in second grade, I hardly knew any English at all. Starting school was a scary experience because I didn’t know… Read more »


  Ginger Young, founder of Book Harvest One of the most important things we in the nonprofit world can do is to update our friends and supporters regularly — not just when we need money or volunteers.  To that end, we are kicking off a monthly e-newsletter — and I had scheduled to send the first one out today.  But I’m… Read more »

Daughter of a Librarian

Alice Taylor, Duke ’13, member of Duke Community Leadership Project team As the daughter of a second-generation librarian, it is unsurprising that I grew up in a house filled with books, titles from authors ranging from Seuss to Faulkner bursting off of every available surface. Reading played an integral role in my childhood, whether it… Read more »

He said he didn’t like reading.

Jamie Apone, Summer ’12 Intern, UNC Chapel Hill Class of 2013 I have worked with Book Harvest as an intern for the duration of the summer, researching related organizations, exploring funding options, and actively assisting kids in choosing books. Hanging out with kids and re-finding books I’ve loved before have been fun and playful. Our… Read more »