Pixie Dust and Couches

by Ginger Young, Founder and Executive Director One of Book Harvest’s board members is fond of saying that we exist in a haze of pixie dust.  Sparkly goodness seems to rain down on us at every turn.  Here’s the latest example.  First, we landed a lease on the office of our dreams last month.  You’ll… Read more »

Love Knots

By Daniele Berman, Operations Manager Her vision and mind may not be as clear as they once were, but at age 90, Viola Grace has not let those challenges stop her from finding a beautiful way to contribute to a cause that she loves. With the help of her daughter Maggi, Viola has made at least 100… Read more »

Summer Service Success

By Connor Cain, student and volunteer I first learned about Book Harvest when the Triangle Family Shule held a book drive.  Somebody from Book Harvest talked with us about how some kids don’t have books to read.  On the way home from that session, my Mom and I talked about what we learned and it… Read more »

Launching the Mind

By Mimi O’Brien and Todd Taylor, The Durham Rotary Club Suddenly, it’s show time! The set-up is finished, the personal shoppers are in place, and a pop-up bookstore at Y.E. Smith Elementary School in Durham is ready for business.  With a theme of “Launch into Summer,” a group of Durham Rotary Club, community, and parent… Read more »

Interview: A Kid’s Perspective

By Griffin Maynard, Student & Volunteer What was your favorite children’s book? That’s a hard one. I really liked Iggy Peck Architect, because Iggy built all these crazy structures out of everyday things like pancakes, pencils, apples and diapers. When I was little, I used to love to build with useful junk and one day… Read more »

One Student. 8,000 Books.

By Toonie Goyal, Student & Book Drive Host My first experience with Book Harvest was on Martin Luther King Day in 2013. I wasn’t really planning to do anything with my day, but when my mom said she was going to a Book Harvest collection and asked if I wanted to come, I said yes…. Read more »

The Power of Pictures

By Deborah Hirsch, Book Harvest Volunteer At my house, one of our favorite genres of books is wordless picture books.  Wordless picture books tell a story entirely in pictures, much like graphic novels, but without the speech bubbles.  One of the reasons my kids like them so much is that we can make up our… Read more »

Giving Dreams

By Tina CoyneSmith, Guest Blog Entry The second best gift I have ever received was a series of books—Trixie Belden mysteries to be exact.  My husband, a gift-giving genius, spent most of 2002 scouring second-hand bookstores and Ebay to collect for me the entire set of 39 books in the Golden Press paperback editions I… Read more »

A Life-Changing Gift

By Daniele Berman, Operations Manager, Book Harvest When my oldest child was not yet three years old, he was whining in the backseat of the car, as toddlers are wont to do. I handed him a book, hoping it would distract him for the remainder of our errand. The exasperated response came from the backseat,… Read more »

Reaching Out

By Sara Skinner, Therapist, Carolina Outreach As a therapist who works primarily with Spanish-speaking families, I often struggle to find resources that are accessible for the families with whom I work. One of the primary recommendations I make to parents who want to form a closer bond to their children is to spend quality time… Read more »