Mission and Vision



Book Harvest provides books to children who need them and engages families and communities to promote children’s lifelong literacy and academic success.


Book Harvest believes that books are essential to children’s healthy development and well-being and that all children deserve to grow up in book-rich homes. To that end, we will remove barriers to book ownership, to fuel a lifelong love of reading among America’s children that will enable success in school and in life.


Our core values have shaped Book Harvest since inception and are the foundation upon which the organization’s mission, vision, strategies, and tactics are built.

The Power of Books

Books are fundamental to the well-being and healthy development of all children. Books are vital tools that enable school readiness, school success, and a lifelong love of reading and learning.

The Power of Parents

Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher – and have the power to ignite their children’s literacy development from birth. Book Harvest supports and encourages this relationship in order to foster academic success for all children.

The Wisdom of Children

Children are active participants in charting their literacy path. Just as children have the right to own numerous books, they also have a right to choose according to their own preferences.

The Importance of Community

Each of us, from book donors to book recipients, from toddlers to grandparents, can play a role in helping Book Harvest enable book ownership for all children. By enlisting volunteers and book donors, we are building a thriving community-wide movement that creates a new literacy landscape for America’s children.

The Imperative of Equal Access

All children, regardless of family income, have the right to grow up in homes that are rich with books. Book Harvest is committed to removing barriers to book ownership and providing ready access to numerous books for all children.

The Richness of Diversity

We have a responsibility to acknowledge and combat the inequities inherent in our world, and to create a literacy experience for our children and families that reflects and celebrates cultural diversity. We will advocate for and provide books that depict people of color and people of diverse backgrounds, languages, and abilities. We will act as a thought leader, advocating consistently for books that are culturally relevant and that respect our children and affirm their backgrounds.

The Possibility of Transformation

Only by innovating and pushing beyond the status quo can we serve as an effective catalyst
for change.

The Need for Evidence

Book Harvest’s programs are grounded in evidence, follow best practices, and produce measurable results. We are committed to replication and expansion of what works in order to achieve maximum impact and enable academic and life success for children across our country.