31 stars and counting…will you be #32?

A total of 31 businesses have already signed on to sponsor our Dream Big Book Drive on MLK Day 2018 ! 31 businesses who have said they know how important our work at Book Harvest is, and they want to be part of making it happen. 31 businesses who know that local children rely on Book Harvest to make sure they have all… Read more »

A Cat Named Quackers? #ReadfortheRecord

  By Daniele Berman, Community Partnerships Manager “Raise your hand if you love pizza. Okay, hands down. Now raise your hand if you love ice cream. Hands down. Is it possible to be a person who loves pizza and ice cream? If you’re a person who loves pizza but not ice cream, can you still… Read more »

Staff Retreat: Looking Back, and Looking Ahead

For the third year in a row, the Book Harvest staff team has taken a full day in October to step away from the office and from our daily work to connect with each other and with our mission and vision for the organization. The time away is invaluable! Each year, we come away renewed… Read more »

Diversity in Kids’ Books: Why It Matters, and Where to Start

By Aaron Keck, afternoon/evening on-air host at WCHL and author at Chapelboro.com America is a diverse nation; more than that, it’s a nation founded on an ideal of diversity. The Declaration of Independence insists that “all men are created equal.” Father-of-the-Constitution James Madison argued that a large and diverse population was the most effective check on tyranny…. Read more »