READ2ME: Tailgate Stories

By Rachel Stine, Partnerships Manager “Two teachers drive up in their cars to a neighborhood, pop open the trunk, pull out two chairs, read with children and give them books.”  That’s how Mary Andrews, the visionary behind READ2ME: Tailgate Stories, describes the program she created in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools in  2009. Many years ago,… Read more »

Durham Herald-Sun: Hearts, imaginations and book sharing by Ginger Young

Casey froze. The second-grader was at Book Harvest’s Books on Break event in June, filling his Books on Break string backpack with 10 books to take home to keep forever. He had already chosen nine of his 10 books, each painstakingly selected to fit his interests. A joke book, a dinosaur encyclopedia, a Batman graphic… Read more »

An Ambition to Write a Letter

By Daniele Berman, Operations Manager Originally printed in the Durham Herald-Sun on August 15, 2015 At first blush, the two gentlemen who recently visited Book Harvest don’t appear to have much in common. Peter Denton, known by most as Chip, is a pastor-turned-headmaster who founded Trinity School, a classical Christian school on the border of Durham and… Read more »

Durham Herald-Sun: An ambition to write a letter

Two-thirds of America’s children in  poverty are growing up in homes without books. Academically, these children are on average three years behind children in homes with lots of books, even when controlled for other factors such as income and parents’ education. And that deficit is troubling persistent: 88 percent of first graders who are below… Read more »

Building literacy: One reader and writer at a time

By Marin Wolf, EdNC summer intern (This article was originally posted on EdNC online.) Reading and writing are arguably the most important tools for a person to have. These basic skills are needed to take any class, or to go into any profession, and yet 54.3 percent of third through eighth grade students in the state… Read more »

A Community Worth Celebrating!

by Rachel Stine, Book Harvest Partnerships Manager Last month I attended my first Book Babies Celebration.  Every December and July, the Book Babies community comes together at the Stanford L. Warren Library in Durham.  Due to a fabulous partnership with the Durham County Library, our Book Babies parents and their children walked into the multipurpose room and… Read more »