Of Powerful Things

by Daniele Berman, Operations Manager Because I’m a lover and teller of stories, I want to tell you one. It’s a story about mothers, about social media, about writers, about curiosity, and about children’s books. (The common thread, I think you’ll find, is that those are all powerful things. And they make for a powerful… Read more »

Filling the book gaps until there are no more

by Ginger Young, founder and executive director Originally printed in the Durham Herald-Sun , April 18, 2015 Peaches. Lorna Doone. Pearl. Lotus. Orange Julius. Tom. Shabby. Memories of these, my beloved childhood feline companions, came rushing back at me last month, as I stood sorting donated books in the Book Harvest office in Durham, preparing them to… Read more »

*Durham Herald-Sun: Schools, community partners keep students reading

Summertime can be filled with days at the pool or beach, trips to see family and friends and spending time outside. But for too many students, summer also means taking a break from reading. As a result of this lack of reading practice, students lose the literacy skills they worked so hard to build during… Read more »

Treasured Book, Treasured Memory

by Sarah Wessell, former Book Harvest board member I’m not a particularly emotional person, so imagine my surprise- and that of my son- when I found myself standing in the children’s section of my local library clutching Dr. Seuss’s On Beyond Zebra while tears welled up in my eyes. My son, nine years old, and… Read more »

Books Make You Feel Special

by Caleb Stine, sixth grader at Rogers-Herr Middle School Most readers probably already know this, but my wonderful mom is the new Partnerships Manager here at the fantastic nonprofit organization that is in fact, Book Harvest. I am going to tell you about one of my favorite books almost hands-down. I will admit I’m a… Read more »