PORCH-Book Harvest Partnership

Susan Romaine, Co-Founder, PORCH It was just great having Book Harvest as part of PORCH’s Food for Families deliveries this summer.  The PORCH-Book Harvest partnership was billed as “Well Fed, Well Read” and it did just that.  During the three months out of the year when kids do not have access to free and reduced… Read more »

Books Truly do Make a Difference

  Amy Yao, Duke ’13, member of Duke Community Leadership Project team I’ve been luck growing up with teachers who’ve encouraged a love for reading since a young age. When I first came to the States in second grade, I hardly knew any English at all. Starting school was a scary experience because I didn’t know… Read more »


  Ginger Young, founder of Book Harvest One of the most important things we in the nonprofit world can do is to update our friends and supporters regularly — not just when we need money or volunteers.  To that end, we are kicking off a monthly e-newsletter — and I had scheduled to send the first one out today.  But I’m… Read more »